Some of my Favorite Things…

IMG_7592IMG_7602IMG_7622IMG_7629IMG_7634IMG_7637IMG_7640Sunglasses: TJ Maxx/ Choker: random boutique/ Sweater: H&M/Jacket: Vero Moda ASOS/ Jeans: American Eagle/ Shoes: Urban Outfitters/ Purse: Kate Spade

So…the last couple of weeks have not been the best in the Vargo household. Which means I am going to post a little outfit post and talk about some things that make me happy…

1.Pugs in general, but mostly Harold

2.Having a super clean house with fresh flowers on the coffee table while the sun shines in

3.Discovering a really good book

4. Yoga


6.The fact that Netflix has a new category just for 90’s movies! Which definitely means I am going to be watching Flubber soon

7.The water in any form rivers, lakes, oceans…

8. Watching people reunite at airports (seriously it is so cute, if you are bored at an airport, people watch)

9.Watching the Bachelor with my grandma

10. And lastly… Joe who is always there even when things get kind of crappy


Film Photos


Why hello,

Today I thought I would flash it back to fall. The reason being, Joe took  numerous pictures of our fall adventures on an old camera that use to be his dad’s in the 70’s, and since no one uses film anymore it took some time to get them developed. As it is old  film the quality is not the best. I love it though,  I think it makes all the pictures look like they have an Instagram filter on them. There is just something so fun about film that I forgot all about, since we live in a digital age now and all. While waiting ages for film to get developed, and not being able to make sure the picture is going to turn out the way you want, it is not ideal there is a fun surprise factor about film. Not knowing how a picture turned out and having to be patient to get them developed, creates a level of intrigue and excitement. Then there is the fact that with film you have a tangible picture, which is SO nice. Being excited to see them and needing to actually get them developed in order to see how they turned out forces you to get them printed and have actual printed pictures. I don’t know about you guys but I NEVER print pictures anymore. They are either stored on my phone or computer. Which is so sad because having actual photos and photo albums to flip through is so much nicer. When I found out the pictures were ready Joe and I were super exited to pick them up. Film gives you a little something to look forward to, and who doesn’t like that? Basically what I am getting at is, I am a fan of film. Don’t get me wrong though the convenience of an iPhone camera is unparalleled as it enables you to capture moments more frequently and easily. So I hope you enjoyed some of our little snapshots, and let me just say I am not fan of the last picture. I look slightly angry (which I wasn’t) but Joe loves it, so I thought I would include it. On another note, my wishes for Spring worked! We hare having lovely weather here in Michigan lately and I hope everyone else is too (: Thanks for reading!! xoxo

Over Winter

img_7470img_7515Coat:Nordstrom/Sweater:Abercrombie & Fitch/ Skirt: H&M/ Purse: Rebecca Minkoff/ Shoes: Urban Outfitters

So…. I just want to take a minute to talk about how sick of winter I am. I’m tired of not seeing the sun, I’m tired of the rain, I’m tired of said rain keeping us locked inside at all times, I’m tired of the grey. I think January and February suck for a lot of people. Winter usually doesn’t bother me all that much. In fact, I’m the type of person that enjoys seasons and all of the changes that come with them. But this year, Michigan winter is a total drag. At least if there was snow we could enjoy outdoor winter activities. Instead, the constant cold, grey, rainy, days keep us trapped indoors. Joe and I have watched enough T.V. to last us a lifetime. Also, this weather makes it very difficult to get pretty blog pictures. Anyways, enough complaining, see what the lack of sun does to me? Yesterday Joe and I went to an old department store turned movie theater. We saw Fifty Shades Darker. Let’s be honest, those movies are terrible. The kind of movies that you make fun of and roll your eyes at the entire time, you know the ones…super cheesy and unrealistic. Also, slightly awkward sex scenes, but what can you expect, right? Don’t get me wrong the story line is entertaining, I read the books. But when it plays out on screen it seems so much weirder and cornier. Either way, we had some good laughs, and (most importantly) got out of the house!

A Little Monday Outfit Post

img_7117img_7114img_7194img_7097img_7180img_7134img_7143img_7197img_7165Top: Zara/Jeans: Topshop Jamie Jeans/ Boots: Bed|STU

Happy Monday!

I am currently drinking coffee and listening to a Van Morrison record. I would say Monday is off to an impeccable start. Besides the fact that Joe and are having technical difficulties with our boiler system and we don’t have hot water at the moment, but hey, that’s okay. I am here on this glorious Monday to share a little outfit post with you all. Can you tell I was trying not to look cold? It has been freezing here lately. Although, I’m not complaining because we have finally been getting some sunshine! I’ll take the cold as long as I can also see the sun. Anyways…. I have been loving this outfit lately. This Zara top makes me feel like an absolute rockstar when I wear it. I love how you can pair it with so many different things and it will take on a completely different look depending on what it is paired with. I have been enjoying wearing it with these amazing leather boots because it gives off a stellar boho feel. This look would also be great for Valentine’s Day!

A Decade Together


Joe and I have been together for 10 years, 10 whole years! That is absolutely insane to me. I have known him since I was six and he was nine. We started dating when I was 14. He asked me to his Junior prom this time 10 years ago, and after prom he asked me to be his girlfriend. For our 1 year dating anniversary Joe took me to a neighboring town to walk a pier out on a lake (let me remind you this was in the dead of January). On our way to the pier we got his car stuck in the snow in someone’s front yard. The people who lived there had to come help us out, good times… When we got to the pier we walked the entire thing. I was too busy swooning to really notice the cold. While it might not sound like the best time, it was.

Ever since then, we have been walking that same pier every year in the dead of January. Even though we are married now, we still celebrate our dating anniversary this way. Let me tell you, I now notice the cold . A few years ago when we had a particularly cold winter I ended up sick the next day. But we can’t not do it, it’s tradition! I still look forward to walking the pier every year. So, on Sunday we got in the car and drove to our little town with the pier. We now have a nicer car with four wheel drive so we no longer worry about getting stuck in the snow. And this year we even helped pull someone else out of the snow. So many things have changed over ten years and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Grey Grey Days….

img_6943img_6963img_6964img_6965img_6966img_6973img_6974img_6975img_6983Bomber Jacket:T.J.Maxx/Sweater: Old Navy/Skirt: Thrifted/ Shoes:Urban Outfitters/ Purse: Rebecca Minkoff

The weather we have been having in Michigan lately has been oh so very depressing. It’s really killing my mood! Everyday is grey, and we don’t even have any snow to brighten things up. It mostly has just been raining…raining! It’s January in Michigan it should definitely not be raining. In attempts to uplift our spirits Joe and I visited a neighboring town to get some fresh air, food, and antiques. I have an affinity for antiques. Antiquing is one of our favorite things to do, even if we don’t buy anything. Which, this time we did find an awesome Doors vinyl for $15, what a bargain! Going on a little adventure in a different town cheered us up for sure.

Currently Coveting from ASOS


I wanted to have a chat about the things I am dying to order from ASOS and about the current trends I am lusting over. Firstly, those boots (insert heart eye emoji) they give off that Dr. Marten chunky boot vibe with a feminine flare. I love them and want them oh so much. Second, the 80’s ruffles are making a comeback. I’m not a big fan of 80’s fashion or the variety of ruffled tops that are popping up in stores, but I do love that sweater with the v back and the subtle ruffles on the sleeves. Next off, I love button downs at the moment and that one with the embroidered rose is perfection. I have also been on the look out for a plain white one. Fourth, the gingham dress, something like this dress is great because you can add a choker and chunky black boots and rock the 90’s grunge trend, or you can add sandals and a pretty necklace for a pretty spring/summer look. Ginghmam print has been popular for a couple of seasons now and I’m still wanting to jump on the gingham print bandwagon. Lastly, I’m a fan of this flute sleeve sweater, and flute sleeves in general, gimme! I like how ASOS paired it with a pleated skirt. Pleated skirts are HUGE right now. I do already own a pleated skirt, which I got from Zara.  They are great because they are so versatile, you can wear them in the winter with a sweater or you can wear them in the spring and summer with tees and tanks. What trends are you loving at the moment?