Day 3

IMG_7951IMG_7952IMG_7954IMG_7964IMG_7970IMG_7980Jacket: Old Levi Jean Jacket that I have a love affair with/ Top: Banana Republic/ Skirt: Banana Republic/ Sandals: Target/ Bag: Old Navy/ Sunglasses: Shop in downtown Indy

I Finally have Wifi, actual working Wifi. Not just a campground that claims that they have wifi at their visitor center when their wifi really doesn’t work at all. So, I am here to document day three of our road trip. Day three was spent in Colorado Springs. We stayed at a hotel with the comfiest bed that I have ever slept in, which trust me I was going to need, because little did I know the following night I would be sleeping in my car. Colorado Springs had a nice downtown where we hung out for the day. During the afternoon, we ate lunch and walked into some shops, where I lusted over a book full of vintage trailers. In the evening, we went back to the hotel and soaked in a hot tub with a mountain view, and then went out for a delicious dinner in the most unique restaurant that was located under ground. It was Alice and Wonderland themed and called the Rabbit Hole. It may sound tacky but it was really tasteful and cool in my opinion.


Day One

IMG_7891IMG_7897IMG_7916IMG_7935IMG_7937Hello from the road everyone,

The first day of the road trip we stopped in Indianapolis to see my sister (technically cousin) but who cares about technicalities, she is really my sister/best friend.  We were only in Indianapolis for one night, but we made the most of the time we had. We went out for dinner and drinks and did some quick sight seeing of the downtown. We left the next morning and drove the ENTIRE next day, so nothing too interesting for day two.

My Take on Spring Transitional Wear/ Ramblings…

IMG_7711IMG_7712IMG_7717IMG_7719IMG_7733IMG_7745IMG_7760IMG_7767Sunglasses: Nordstrom/ Turtleneck: TJ Maxx/ Jacket: TJ Maxx/ Skirt: Zara/ Boots: Urban Outfitters

Happy Friday All!

Firstly, let’s talk about the outfit. This is my idea of a transitional outfit. The Jacket is light and springy as is the skirt, yet the boots and turtleneck keep the look just warm enough to start rocking spring wear even if it is only in the 50’s… down side of living in the north, spring never truly comes. Anywho, I’m ready to ditch the transitional wear and head to some warmer climates to wear full on spring clothes! We are leaving so soon woohoo! This week has consisted of getting numerous things in order before we take off for two. whole. weeks. So much life admin to take care of this week, so many phone calls where I pretend I know how to be an adult and handle things like mortgages. For Joe (yes I’m speaking for him because I just know), it has just been one of those weeks that makes you want to pack up and leave everything behind for a while. So, perfect timing! I too am beyond excited to peace out for a while, leave all the sameness behind and go explore. Two weeks of just going where we want when we want and having absolutely no plans. I have never left for two weeks in my life! Trip prepping for two weeks of living out of a car is more entailed than a regular trip. I still need to clean out my mess of a car, find a way to organize our clothes in the car because we all know that I am going to have copious amounts, pack said copious amounts of clothes, get camping gear ready (even though that is more Joe’s forte), grocery shop for food/road trip snacks etc. etc… I can’t wait to hit the road and see what adventures we can find. Although I’m clearly excited, there is a certain amount of anxiety that comes with an unplanned trip. I’ve never been so great with the unknown. Either way, it is an adventure, and who doesn’t want one of those? I am also so happy that I get to document the trip on here, stay tuned!

Weekend Musings

F2743877-7F53-43C3-8C20-8851859B432Cimage1image1 copyimage5image3image4image2image6Jacket: Forever 21 (old)/ Sweater: H&M/ Jeans: Lucky/ Purse: Rebecca Minkoff/ Shoes: Michael Kors/ Sunglasses: TJ Maxx

Saturdays are best spent walking around in the sun and pretending to be as cool as Bob Dylan. Yup, that is pretty much what I did this weekend. This weekend was BEAUTIFUL and I definitely took full advantage of it. Joe and I walked to numerous antique stores, as per usual, and soaked up all of the sun we could. I even got to break out a spring jacket instead of a winter one! It’s the little things….

Spring Haul/ Going on a Road Trip?!

You guys! It was snowing here in Michigan yesterday! Ugh.. Either way I am here today to share all of the spring clothes I just bought, because spring is bound to come eventually. Right?! Even if it doesn’t, Joe and I are hitting the road VERY soon (about two weeks) for warmer weather. Joe has a work conference in Las Vegas so we are going to make a road trip out of it. We are going to camp in some national parks and stay at hotels in cool cities, and just see parts of the country we haven’t seen in general. Two of the big things on our list are Zion and the Grand Canyon. It will be about two weeks on the road. I’m super pumped, and I’m hopefully going to be blogging along the way (if we find the internet to do so) stay tuned to see what Joe and I get up to on our road trip.  Of course I needed new clothes because what is a getaway without new clothes? You will see me in these clothes in my blog posts of our road trip. Joe got some new things too, so maybe I will even do a men’s fashion post! Anyways, here is what I bought during my spring clothing shop… I will try and leave links to the items I can still find below. IMG_0636This Romper pictured above is from TJ Maxx it is super floral and girly. “Florals for spring… groundbreaking” Name that movie! IMG_0638This floral dress is from Target. You guys… Target always kills it in their clothing department if you ask me, and you will soon notice I get a lot of my clothes from Target. Right now they have a lot of great stuff, so go check it out. I live in dresses in the nicer weather because they are so easy to throw on yet I always feels so styled and put together. This dress is so comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down. It fits so nicely, I love it. Find it HereIMG_0646This dress is from Old Navy and it is so cute on. I got it to wear with brown strappy sandals to give it a nice bohemian feel. Also, it is not see through with is a major perk for a white dress! Find it Here IMG_0650This Jacket is so different for me but I love it. I got it to wear for the cooler days on the road trip. It will be cute layered over any of the pieces above. Also, this dusty pink color is very on trend at the moment and I have been wanting to incorporate it in my wardrobe. Find it HereIMG_0651This is going to be my road trip hat. It will be great to keep the sun out of my face and so cute to wear with my dresses. I just loved it and I picked it up at Target and saw that it was on clearance for $7! Bonus! IMG_0653This is a casual large canvas bag with leather straps that you can wear cross body that I found at Old Navy. I just thought it would be perfect to carry for the road trip. It is adorable on because the top folds down and gives it a slouchy look. Find it Here IMG_0655These tanks from Old Navy are so nice! They have that nice slouchy look and the are super soft. It was $15 originally and I got it for $5. Go get some, they are great basics to have. Find it Here IMG_0661I have been wanting white converse for so long! So when I found these at TJ Maxx for $25 I was super excited. I just love them SO much. IMG_0662I didn’t actually buy these shoes. My mom recently bought them and they didn’t fit her so she gave them to me. Perks of having a super stylish mom people… you get free Michael Kors shoes. She got them at Macy’s for $25 and they were originally over $100. These sneakers are very on trend right now and they look so cool on. IMG_0668Lastly these sandals! These beauties are from Target. They feel like such good quality and they are just amazing. They will go with absolutely everything! Find it Here

Some of my Favorite Things…

IMG_7592IMG_7602IMG_7622IMG_7629IMG_7634IMG_7637IMG_7640Sunglasses: TJ Maxx/ Choker: random boutique/ Sweater: H&M/Jacket: Vero Moda ASOS/ Jeans: American Eagle/ Shoes: Urban Outfitters/ Purse: Kate Spade

So…the last couple of weeks have not been the best in the Vargo household. Which means I am going to post a little outfit post and talk about some things that make me happy…

1.Pugs in general, but mostly Harold

2.Having a super clean house with fresh flowers on the coffee table while the sun shines in

3.Discovering a really good book

4. Yoga


6.The fact that Netflix has a new category just for 90’s movies! Which definitely means I am going to be watching Flubber soon

7.The water in any form rivers, lakes, oceans…

8. Watching people reunite at airports (seriously it is so cute, if you are bored at an airport, people watch)

9.Watching the Bachelor with my grandma

10. And lastly… Joe who is always there even when things get kind of crappy

Film Photos


Why hello,

Today I thought I would flash it back to fall. The reason being, Joe took  numerous pictures of our fall adventures on an old camera that use to be his dad’s in the 70’s, and since no one uses film anymore it took some time to get them developed. As it is old  film the quality is not the best. I love it though,  I think it makes all the pictures look like they have an Instagram filter on them. There is just something so fun about film that I forgot all about, since we live in a digital age now and all. While waiting ages for film to get developed, and not being able to make sure the picture is going to turn out the way you want, it is not ideal there is a fun surprise factor about film. Not knowing how a picture turned out and having to be patient to get them developed, creates a level of intrigue and excitement. Then there is the fact that with film you have a tangible picture, which is SO nice. Being excited to see them and needing to actually get them developed in order to see how they turned out forces you to get them printed and have actual printed pictures. I don’t know about you guys but I NEVER print pictures anymore. They are either stored on my phone or computer. Which is so sad because having actual photos and photo albums to flip through is so much nicer. When I found out the pictures were ready Joe and I were super exited to pick them up. Film gives you a little something to look forward to, and who doesn’t like that? Basically what I am getting at is, I am a fan of film. Don’t get me wrong though the convenience of an iPhone camera is unparalleled as it enables you to capture moments more frequently and easily. So I hope you enjoyed some of our little snapshots, and let me just say I am not fan of the last picture. I look slightly angry (which I wasn’t) but Joe loves it, so I thought I would include it. On another note, my wishes for Spring worked! We hare having lovely weather here in Michigan lately and I hope everyone else is too (: Thanks for reading!! xoxo